Psychics Channel Energies Into New Fields

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Lily Dale was founded near an Indian burial ground and has been a magnet of the spiritualist community since the mid-19th century. Harry Houdini, among many other paranormal investigators, came to debunk Lily Dale's reputation.

Still, the hamlet estimates that about 20,000 visitors come each year, providing business for scads of spiritualists.

Wicker says it's not unusual for mediums to be channeling Jesus at one end of town and Mary at the other end, with other spiritual shout-outs to Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy.

Singing Psychic: Fran Baskerville, the singing psychic of Dallas, says she knows your tune. She recently strummed her guitar as visions came to her of Martha Stewart serving jail time. As the song goes:

Cooking with Martha in the jailhouse now, Stir up some stew with Stewart in a stew, The prisoners are all very happy today, A good cook is on the way!

The domestic diva hasn't been convicted of any crime, but Baskerville predicts she will end up with a sentence that's short and sweet. She has visions of Stewart preparing flan for other inmates.

Clairvoyant Clowning: When I heard of JuWanna the Clown, I thought I had finally found my spiritual mentor — a palm reader with big red floppy shoes.

JuWanna offers both clowning and psychic services to the Washington, D.C., metro area, according to her Web site.

Alas, my calls to JuWanna have yet to be returned, so I don't know if she would provide both services to me at once. When my phone failed to ring, I even attempted to contact JuWanna via out-of-body experience. Still, no luck.

Next time, I'm calling my old friend Bozo.

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