Hall of Fame

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Over the years, the company has found reasons to induct Christopher Columbus, Elvis and Moses, even if they weren't necessarily loyal Hilton customers. The big question might be why Paris Hilton hasn't entered the family company's Travel Hall of Fame. After all, she's certainly proved she knows how to get around.

Not in the Toy Hall of Fame: Raggedy Andy

When Rochester's National Toy Hall of Fame inducted Raggedy Ann, her old sidekick Andy was feeling extra raggedy. He was snubbed in 2002, and that's no yarn.

Raggedy Andy may still get elected to Rochester, New York's toy museum. But with G.I. Joe and Barbie's Malibu meat muffin Ken also competing, don't expect a rags-to-riches story. Laugh at Mr. Potato Head all you want. He was elected years ago, and left Mrs. Potato Head out in the cold. Not in the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum: Tiny Tim

American Idol reject William Hung is just the latest in a long line of so-bad-they're-good singing sensations. The latest and perhaps greatest may have been ukulele-strumming falsetto-squawking Tiny Tim, his hit international hit "Tiptoe Through the Tulips."

In 1969, the hippie entertainer married on The Tonight Show in 1969, before 35 million viewers in one of the most celebrated TV events of its time. The sensation ended, but Tiny Tim kept performing, popping up on where-are-they-know TV segments, as he remained one of the few ukulele players with a hit song.