Wolf Files: The Selling of TV Catchphrases

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In fact, "Play It Again, Sam," has been used by just about everybody except Humphrey Bogart, at least not in Casablanca. Groucho Marx actually originated the line as an homage to Bogie in A Night in Casablanca, and the line also served as the title of a Woody Allen movie.

6. Beam Me Up, Scotty: Paramount Pictures owns the rights to Capt. Kirk's famous line from Star Trek. But other companies have been able to register "Beam Me Up" — with no mention of Scotty — on everything from slot machines to kitchen lighting.

One group put the fear of God into Capt. Kirk, with the trademark "Beam Me Up, Lord."

The catchphrase of another Star Trek commander, Jean-Luc Picard, is also the trademark of a consulting company in Virginia called Make It So Inc., which helps high-tech startups boldly go where no capitalist has gone before.

7. Hasta La Vista, Baby: Arnold Schwarzenegger exploded onto the political scene last year, and now, a fireworks company in Ohio calls itself "Hasta La Vista, Baby!"

One of Clint Eastwood's big lines from the Dirty Harry series — "Go ahead, make my day" — ended up emblazoned on backpacks — just the perfect gift for the school bully.