Wolf Files: Really Odd Summer Jobs

Really Odd Summer Jobs and Fantasy ‘Vocation Vacations’

Still don't know what you're going to do this summer? Here are some odd jobs that really are odd.

The economy might be tight and opportunities may be hard to come by, but if you look hard enough, you'll eventually find something. For a few go-getter students home from school, there are temporary jobs that will inspire any kid to study more aggressively next fall.

Here's a summer job that sounds ideal for a summertime slacker: Some delivery companies will actually pay $11 an hour to have someone sit in a truck, just so that a driver can use the carpool lane, according to Linda Haneborg of Express Personnel Services, an international staffing and recruiting company based in Oklahoma City.

Haneborg, who track the most unusual temp jobs in an annual report, says she's regularly amazed by what some people do for money.

"Just when you say you've seen it all, you get a job opening for someone to chase deer off a landing strip at an airport," she says.

Airports often need various animal wranglers to keep wildlife from becoming roadkill. Similarly, humans often need some wrangling, too. Haneborg says she had one client hire workers at $8 an hour simply to watch open manhole covers to make sure no one fell in.

But before you say, "I'm willing to do anything," consider these temp jobs that Haneborg's company has helped fill:

A nudist colony in Spokane, Wash., posted an opening for an $8.50-an-hour cook to grill hot dogs for in-the-buff picnickers.

Feeling kinky? Gardeners in Great Falls, Mont., had multiple positions for temps who untangled and "de-kinked" garden hoses.

A fish farm in Bremerton, Wash., was paying $7.50 an hour for salmon stunning, a process that involves disorienting the fish with a small electric shock and tagging them.