Fridge Pigs, Carpet Skates, Other New Toys

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Still, despite all the change, the toy industry is still a community of entrepreneurs who would otherwise be known as Santa's elves — and here are some of the strangest, most innovative products that may be coming to a toy store near you:

1. The Fridge Pigs:

Move over, Pet Rock. This year's must-have toy pet might be a snorting plastic pig that lives in your fridge and lets you leave pre-recorded messages for whoever opens the door, like "That's my rice pudding!"

The refrigerator door has always been the spot to leave reminders and to-do lists. But you can forget all that if you have a Fridge Pig. This 6-inch-tall figurine is especially useful for dieters. He'll stand guard over your food, deliver inspirational messages, and throw in a few pre-recorded snorts as a form of tough love. 2. The SpongeBob Shampoo Gun: You'll never re-invent the rubber ducky. But if you're looking to lure your rug rat into the tub, try this newfangled water gun that shoots shampoo. The SpongeBob SquarePants Sea Foam Sprayer is a great weapon in the war against bad kiddie hygiene.

You load the Foam Sprayer with no-tear baby shampoo, and aim the weapon at your child's greasy head. You can expect warfare to escalate when the tyke's body odor threatens to be classified as a weapon of mass destruction.

3. Frivolous Law Suits … And Other Games: Did you slip and fall in the driveway? Did you burn your tongue on last night's soup? Sue Mom! Sue Dad! A new board game — So Sue Me — turns the frivolous litigation into fun for the whole family.

If driving Grandpa into bankruptcy was the real pleasure of Monopoly, try forming a class action case against Grandma for her lousy pot roast. You can bluff, settle out of court, and hire your little sister as legal counsel.