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In one year, there were 17 boys named Ventura (as in Jesse), six boys named Timberland (as in the boot), 49 named Canon (spelled like the camera), and 27 Blue (as in little boy).

Penis Survey Comes Up Short When Alfred Kinsey and other doctors did their landmark sexual research as far back in the 1940s, they thought they had documented the human body fairly well.

But recent studies keep revising the average length of male genitalia. Guys aren't changing. The research methods are. Men aren't allowed to measure themselves anymore — they apparently tend to exaggerate (about a half an inch, on average).

U.S. Sperm Exports on the Rise The U.S. trade deficit is ballooning, but one export is continuing to boom — human sperm. The Wolf Files finds out why the rest of the world wants this homegrown product.

Celebrity Garbage Pickers Dive into celebrity garbage cans and you'll find one of America's most disturbing collectible. Meet the "garbologists" who've sifted through wadded Kleenex tissues to find Tori Spelling's report card, Milton Berle's empty prescription vials or Jimmy Stewart's receipt for a Hertz rental car.

Michael Jackson Goes to Temple Michael Jackson has tried everything, and one evening he showed up unannounced in a New York City Temple to experience Judaism for the first time.

Buck Wolf was invited to sit with the King of Pop's entourage in another strange episode in Jackson's career.

The Santa DMV Database Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus — and The Wolf Files can prove it!

An investigation of motor vehicle departments across the country reveals that there are 102 people named Santa Claus who are licensed to drive in states all across the country, from Florida to Alaska.

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