Political Slogans Gets Meaner

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And the Michael Moore factor should not be forgotten. The movie poster for Fahrenheit 9/11 — with Bush and Moore shown hand in hand — is featured on a button that reads "Hey, Mikey! I liked it!"

2. Republican Slogans: Scary Kerry

Who says this election isn't a beauty contest? The "Scary Kerry" T-shirt features Kerry's head superimposed over Frankenstein's monster.

But the Grand Old Party has more than a matinee monster to scare undecided voters: "Give Terrorism a Chance, Vote for John Kerry," "Say Yes to Terrorism," and "Kerry for President … of France."

Republicans mock Kerry as "Senator Flip-Flop" for his wavering support of the war, and they will emblazon "Flip-Flop" on everything, even actual beach-ready flip-flop sandals.

You'll also see Kerry lampooned in cartoons as a human waffle with the slogan, "I voted for John Kerry before I voted against him."

Just to show that Bush supporters can engage in the same juvenile potty jokes as their opponents, Republicans are reminding their leader, "Don't forget to flush the John." And now that Edwards has joined the ticket, they're picturing the two Johns with the slogan "Flush Twice."

3. A Bush Doll for Everyone

Whether you're a brute who smashed the head off your sister's Barbie or lavished your doll with a plastic dream house, you can now play politics with an array of Bush figurines for loyal Republicans and disgruntled Democrats.