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Defensive Dating in the Age of Cyber-Cheating

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3. The Love Detector
If you're asking yourself how terrorism has affected to your love life, the answer may be "The Love Detector" — software that allows you to test your blind date's emotional levels. It's based on layered voice analysis, similar to the cutting-edge technology the Israeli army uses to catch bombers.

Unlike lie detectors, which monitor heart rate and other metabolic fluctuations, this technology measures changes in vocal frequency. When you download the $20 Love Detector software into your PDA, you'll get readings that are said to indicate what levels of embarrassment, excitement, anger and other emotions your date is feeling.

"You don't have to ask a yes-no question. Just talk about work, hobbies, everyday things," says Jayson Schkloven, a spokesman for V Entertainment.

The Love Detector is a toned-down version of what the Israelis — and some U.S. law enforcement agencies — are using. It won't gauge whether your date is lying, but the manufacturer claims it is 96 percent accurate in measuring whether the person you're sharing a romantic evening with has butterflies in the belly — or is bored silly.

A daisy flashes on the Love Detector's screen when your date feels the first stirrings of romance. Tell that person you're secretly monitoring his voice, and I assume the flower wilts.

4. Honor Among Philanderers? A Lothario's Creed
If you have an affair, can you handle the guilt? Are you crafty enough to hide incriminating receipts and delete computer files that would spell ruin in divorce court?

If you need basic infidelity training — or if you're on the fence about whether or not you're going to stray — offers the strangest sort of support.

"Unless you are the only one who has access to your computer, don't bookmark this webpage," visitors of are warned. "The contents can bury you!!!"

This warning comes from a man who identifies himself as Doug Mitchell. He won't give out his real name because, in addition to a wife, two children and a dog, he has had a girlfriend for eight years — just about as long as he's been running this site.

"I thought I was alone when I started this site," says Mitchell, who describes himself as a 40ish importer-exporter from Canada. "I couldn't find anywhere on the Internet to turn for advice."

Mitchell says he's still dating the same woman and that his marriage has actually improved because he's found a way of life that suits him.

"It's not for everyone. You have to be prepared," he says. "My girlfriend knows I run the site. My wife does not."

Would-be philanderers should be warned of the Web site's disclaimer against any liability, should your spouse get wise and take you for all you're worth. You are also warned that breaking your marriage vows is against the law in some jurisdictions.