Yadda! Yadda! Yadda! Krammer Runs for Mayor

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These days, he's sworn off drugs. "That's a personal decision," he says. "You should have a right to make that decision."

He's pro-abortion rights, anti-death penalty, and supports education vouchers.

Libertarians, of course, oppose price controls and government intervention. That might be hard for some New Yorkers, who, like Kramer, have rent-stabilized apartments.

Kramer says he pays only about $1,700 for his two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment. That's a steal in midtown Manhattan, and certainly something he wouldn't enjoy if the libertarians scrapped the city's Rent Stabilization Law.

"That's a law that's not in the mayor's hands," says Kramer. "So I'm not going to take a position on it."

But Kramer's slacker reputation might suit the Libertarian ideal. After all, he'll reduce the size of government, if only by not working that hard. In fact, a Kramer administration might return New York to its colonial roots, when holding office was a part-time job for gentleman farmers.

"If elected," he says, "the first thing I plan to do is put my feet up on the desk, light up a cigar, and laugh my ass off."

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