New Doll Friends for GI Joe

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11. Moo Magnet

Cows eat everything — including tacks, nails and chunks of barbed wire. Ranchers have a name for the internal bleeding caused by shards of metal — Hardware Disease. But this is no longer an udder tragedy. The bovine cure: magnets surgically implanted in a cow's belly. The magnets collect the metal debris before Bessie suffers intestinal bleeding. Now kids can learn about Hardware Disease with Moo Magnets ($7.95) — a cow magnet activity kit that lets kids explore the wonders of magnetism.

12. Mullet Head Dolls

Meet Speed Fry Jr. He lives with his Grandma in Trailer 3B, in the luxurious Shady Tree Mobile Home Park. Speed Fry and his pet armadillo just love to set small brushfires, play Dungeons & Dragons and examine road kill on I-20, near where his mother works as a cocktail waitress. Speed Fry can often be heard telling his friend Clem, "Why do you always get to be the Dungeon Master?"

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