Support for Alien Abductees, Bug Lovers

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Armed Informed Mothers — another gun advocacy group — defends the rights of pistol packin' mammas. I'm not sure if "pistol packin'" is a hurtful description. If so, please, mama, don't shoot.

This week, The Wolf Files explores groups that stick up for all sorts of people — alien abductees, bug-right advocates, S&M devotees, and even left-handers.

You may find some causes worthy, others completely ridiculous. Either way, you may be surprised to learn these groups are doing their part to make sure no child — or space alien — gets left behind. Uncommon Causes Close Encounters of the Political Kind: Children of mixed races have faced appalling discrimination. What will happen to the children of women abducted and impregnated by aliens?

Political science professor Michael Salla says lawmakers need to make policy on extraterrestrial issues, and he started the Web site last month to promote this issue.

If a flying saucer crash-lands, who owns it? What will be done with the technology? Who will protect the whistle-blowers if the government is withholding evidence of a close encounter?

"So many people have stepped forward," says Salla, who has taught at American University. "They deserve some protection. There's so much at stake."

Don't Give Me That Hollywood Attitude: You're trendy, insincere, and shallow. You must be a total Hollywood type, right? Wrong.

Hollywood is a geographic location, not a state of mind, says filmmaker Tommy Bond, a member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. He's started a national campaign to prevent the city's name from being used as a synonym for showbiz.

"You hear 'Hollywood isn't supporting the war' and 'Hollywood is pro-this, anti-that.' But they're not really talking about a city," says Bond.

"They're talking about celebrities, and sometimes that's just a vocal minority."

Bond is promising to collect a petition to advance his cause — and he swears that his movement is more than a token "Hollywood" gesture.