Gee Whiz, It's a Talking Urinal

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Just remember, it won't take your sweetie long to realize this bauble — available at — is a sparkling 5-carat cubic zirconium.

2. Martha's Jailhouse Hooch: You can be sure that Martha's Jailhouse Hooch — a concoction of vodka and plum, apricot, and apple juice — has nothing to do with Martha Stewart's "Living."

Dynamic Beverages hopes to have the new drink in stores by Christmas and claims it got the recipe from someone known as "Aunt Martha."

"She was very resourceful, both with crafts and in the kitchen, kind of a domestic 'MacGyver,' if you will," says company spokesman Dave Schmier.

Of course, most people will assume that this drink was inspired by a more famous Martha. "If you want to come up with that conclusion," Schmier says, "then feel free."

The real Martha won't feel free to do anything for several months. She'll be serving time in a West Virginia federal prison when Martha's Jailhouse Hooch hits the shelves.

3. Bouquets for Britney Brides: Britney Spears is known for quickie weddings, but if her second marriage lasts, she may be known for quickie bouquets.

The same celebrity florists who provided flowers for Spears' mid-September hitch-up to Kevin Federline is now offering overnight delivery of the very same arrangements — presumably for brides who are in a hurry.

Celebrity florists Mark Held and Richard David launched recently, with bouquets starting at $60. And if you don't like the rose assortments he created for Brit, consider the more modest bouquets he whipped up for "Bachelorette" star Trista Rehn.

4. Hugh Hefner: The Game: Never has there been more of a playground for celebrity misadventure than the Playboy Mansion. Now, Hugh Hefner's home is a video game that's hitting stores next month.

As a virtual Hef, you get to pull on silk pajamas and build your own Playboy empire. Throw elaborate parties — complete with celebrity guests and the mansion's infamous love grotto — with cameos from mansion regulars Carmen Electra, David Copperfield and Tom Arnold, along with 75 Playboy bunnies.

Unfortunately, you can't press a button and have your way with the stars, but in the case of Arnold, that's a good thing.

5. Arnold "Girlie Man" Dolls: After California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called Democrats in the state Legislature "girlie men," it was only a matter of time until they retaliated. Now, a Democratic lobbyist is depicting the "Governator" as a bobblehead doll in a hot pink dress with matching pumps.

"It's the American public's right to poke fun at politicians," John Edgell says. "If they have a problem with that they can sue me."

Schwarzenegger already sued another bobblehead company. According to a settlement, the company could produce the doll, provided that Arnold was depicted without a gun. So, you can expect this new girlie man to be unarmed.

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