New Doll Friends for GI Joe

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An in-utero dialog begins when a microphone and speakers are strapped to mommy's belly. There's two headphones (one for daddy) and ready-made recordings of "cuddly classic" Mozart recordings that you can pump into the womb.

6. 'N Stink Trading Cards

Remember Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids? The next wave of gross-out collectible trading cards are Silly CDs ($2 a pack), featuring the likes of Bruce Stinkjeans, Poop Dogg and Oozy Oozebutt. You'll see parody versions of Bob Dylan in a pickle jar, Whitney Houston doing drugs and Sean "Snuff Daddy" Combs wielding a gun. Consider it an educational toy for bathroom humor.

7. Xtreme Ants Sports Park

This is not your father's ant farm. Today's kid can play with bugs who romp around a miniature sports park complete with skateboard park, bungee jump, luge speedway and vertical climbing wall. A rep from Uncle Milton Industries promises the environs, retailing at $24, are escape-proof. 8. World Trade Center Plush Toy

Don't go calling Stephen Chernin an opportunist for selling World Trade Center plush toys. His company, Good Stuff LLC, has been selling cuddly renderings of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building and other New York landmarks for years. "We just kept on doing what we do," Chernin says. "Since Sept. 11, the demand has picked up dramatically, though some people think we've jumped on the WTC souvenir bandwagon."

9. Doggie Halloween Costumes

Don't blame me if your German shepherd comes back to bite you in the butt after you dress her in a tutu. Compass Marketing offers a full array of dog Halloween costumes. Dress your Airedale in a sexy cheerleader outfit. Turn your hound dog into a real Elvis impersonator. You and your poodle can even wear matching white dresses on your wedding day.

10. Fish-Tank Submarine

All the kids have radio-controlled cars and planes. Now Megatech has introduced a fish-tank submarine ($120) that will allow you to tail your guppies. You can take this little baby into the pool for a midnight swim and goose your sweetheart like a naughty little love piranha.