Just Try to Avoid the Super Bowl

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In the interest of highway safety, we could move the Super Bowl to New Year's Eve — a move that might also cut in half the number of annual hangovers.

Losers Binge: When your team loses, you not only lose money, but you also gain weight. Fast-food chains report that sales increase in cities where the home team loses.

The Super Bowl has historically been Domino's No. 1 day for deliveries. The company expects to move 1.2 million pies nationwide, a 42 percent increase over the typical Sunday.

"The tipping is always better in the city that wins," says company spokeswoman Holly Ryan. "But from a sales standpoint, you have to root for a close game. Overtime is good for the economy."

Wingstop hopes to become the first chicken wing chain to sell more than 1 million wings in a 13-hour span on Sunday.

The chain of 160 restaurants has set new sales records on Super Bowls for nine consecutive years. "That's why we love this time of year," says Jim Flynn, Wingspot's CEO.

Flushing Out Myths:

Just like Friday the 13th, Super Bowl Sunday is shrouded in legend and superstitions that just aren't true.

Football may be brutal. Some men take it too seriously. But there's no proof that violence against women increases on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the urban legend trackers at

In 1993, several domestic violence experts cited a study conducted at Virginia's Old Dominion University. In reaction, the Super Bowl broadcast that year included a public service announcement addressing domestic violence.

However, The Washington Post found that the oft-quoted study simply didn't exist.