Hollywood Urban Legends Revealed

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The Truth About Bert and Ernie

Roeper traces this rumor to writer and editor Kurt Anderson, formerly of Spy magazine and, who noted, tongue in cheek, that Ernie and Bert "do their jobs well and live in a splendidly settled life together in an impeccably decorated cabinet."

"Almost everyone in Hollywood has been rumored to be gay," says Roeper. "I don't think anyone bothers to address such an issue. Maybe it's a little different if you're made of felt and work with children."

One celebrity who refused to ignore outrageous stories circulating on the Internet is, of all people, shock comic Tom Green, who was rumored to have crashed a Bar Mitzvah dressed as Hitler.

That might seem a bit out of character. Once you've sexually pleasured various barnyard animals on TV, people will believe you'll do just about anything. But Green renounced the Nazi prank with uncharacteristic indignation, saying, "This is a horrible, unfunny rumor, and completely untrue."

Everyone, apparently, has his limits.

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