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Kerry's not the only white presidential candidate aiming to become America's second "black president." Fringe Republican Barry Weintraub, who ran for president as "Barry Who" in 2000, announced months earlier that he, too, wished to be the honorary candidate of color.

Though a long-shot, Weintraub would be America's first black Jewish Republican president, opening the door for a "Black Jewish Republican" Hall of Fame, which will probably be located in Weintraub's closet. Not in the Robot Hall of Fame: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger won the California recall election last year, but The Terminator was terminated at Pittsburgh's Robot Hall of Fame — where the muscle-bound cyborg lost out to that bleeping R2D2 from Star Wars.

Carnegie Mellon University opened the museum last year to honor "noteworthy robots, both real and fictional, along with their creators in recognition of the increasing benefits robots are bringing to society."

Luke Skywalker's lovable R2 unit was joined by HAL-9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Two real-life robots were also among the first nut-and-bold legends inducted: NASA's Mars Pathfinder Micro Rover Flight Experiment — nicknamed "Sojourner" — and General Motor's "Unimate."

Arnold's Terminator will just have to join Data from Star Trek and Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space and to see who will be thrown out on the scrap heap next year.

Not Inducted in the Hilton Hotel Traveler Hall of Fame: Paris Hilton Jimmy Carter, the Rolling Stones, and Amelia Earhart are among the more famous members of Hilton Hotel's Traveler Hall of Fame. Of course, if you stay in enough hotels, you can get hall of fame status, too. The Traveler Hall of Fame was all a promotional stunt. Hilton will actually give you Hall of Fame status.