Gifts for Rich Bitches (Literally)

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Star Treatment for Diamond Dogs

DeBrey says it's the job of a pet travel agent to find the combination of hotels, dog-friendly parks and travel arrangements to make sure that vacations aren't "ruff."

If your animal carrier can fit under the seat, air travel usually isn't so difficult. Of course, several airlines have "celebrity pet" policies. A TV star like Animal Planet's Duke regularly sits in his own seat — sometimes in first class — and has logged more than 60,000 frequent-flier points on his very own American Airlines Advantage Gold Card.

"It's usually easier to book seats in coach because we block out the middle seat with our frequent-flier miles," says his owner, Joel Silverman. He and Duke co-host Good Dog U and have been traveling the country to promote the Iams/ASPCA's Lifelong Friends program, which helps prospective pet parents make the right lifelong match with rescued animals.

"You can never spoil your pet too much," Silverman says. "I'd much rather see people spoil their pets than abusing their pets."

Across the country, hotels are tripping over themselves to become feline-friendly and canine-compatible.

If you and Rover wanted to enjoy Christmas in New York, the Regency Hotel was offering a $509-a-night "Houndly Holiday" last year. Executive chef John Iachetti served up a seasonal dinner of Turkey Cranberry-Schnauzer Stew and dognog, a fang-watering froth of chicken breast, flour and eggs.

Not to be outdone, the Peninsula Chicago offers $85 "Rover Relaxation" massages from licensed masseuses. All pet meals are served from jewel-encrusted feeding bowls, with such menu items as "Bow Wow Tenderloin of Beef" ($19) and "Tabby Tuna Tartar" ($12) available through room services.

At the San Ysidro Ranch in Montecito, Calif., animals and their owners can both receive special "Reiki" pressure-point massages. The inn allows both master and pet to savor a New York steak dinner. The doggie version, at $17.95, comes stuffed in a rawhide shoe.

Cats might not be so happy with the Water Club in San Juan, Puerto Rico. There's an elaborate check-in for canines, with the concierge noting the dog's name, breed and room number on a sugar-laced registration card that you can expect your pup to carefully "paw" over for hours of saliva-soaked pleasure.

Still, how will liberal-minded dogs feel about the Water Club's practice of pet apartheid? That's right: no cats.

After licking their emotional wounds, traumatized tabbies can seek solace at Doris Day's Cypress Inn in Carmel, Calif., where kitties are welcome at high tea to sample scrumptious catnip delicacies off a silver tray.

Here's a look at some at some ultra-lavish pet accoutrements and newfangled gift ideas for your furry friend.

Expense Accounts Unleashed

Diamond Collars: Not to be a snob, but if you have to ask the price of the diamond collars, you probably shouldn't be shopping at TeaCup Puppies and Boutique in Hollywood, Fla., where a bejeweled canine choker retails for as much as $16,900. Celebrity shoppers include Mandy Moore, Gloria Estefan, Playmate Tiffany Holiday and Fran Drescher.