Fat and Furry: Atkins for Portly Pets

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Deluxe pet hotels have popped up across the country, but few can outdo the Olde Towne, a kennel with cable TV in every room, so pampered pets can vegetate in front of Animal Planet, to keep from obsessing over their less-than-sleek physique. 4. Dog Chefs of America: Don't think your hound doesn't enjoy a home-cooked meal, just because he tends to eat out of garbage cans and drink out of toilets.

In Becoming the Chef Your Dog Thinks You Are, co-author Micki Voisard teaches the benefits of preparing healthy homemade dog food — a practice that was quite common not so long ago.

"Our theory is if we get people to pay attention to what they feed their dogs and cats then they will transfer that to themselves," she says.

5. Gourmet Kibble Spray: After years of feasting on steak and caviar, it's not easy to go back to kibble. That's why offers "Gourmet Spray," a zero-calorie alternative. Just a few squirts adds robust flavor of sirloin to your canine's dinner. Your dog will never have to be reminded that he's still a dog.

Feline Gourmet Spray transforms cat chow into restaurant-quality sushi. Discerning dogs might also want to try eau de bacon and cheddar. A 2-ounce bottle is only $4 at pet stores. 6. Ruff Yoga Workouts: It's no coincidence that one of the most popular yoga poses is "Downward Facing Dog." New York Yoga instructor Bruce Van Horn teaches a class and sells an instructional video that allows you and your pet to exercise, meditate and seek inner peace.