Cheaters Inc.: The Infidelity Industry

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Your credit card will merely show a charge from "Ashley Madison," which sounds more like an accounting firm than a dating service that boasts the slogan: "When Monogamy Becomes Monotony."

About 160,000 people have registered, a no-cost endeavor. You get to post a profile with a nom de plume, and, if you dare, a photo. You only pay if you want to contact other members.

Newbies are encouraged to get specific about what extramarital pleasure they're seeking. "Swingers" should distinguish themselves from those seeking a "secondary relationship" — a long-term romance that's not necessarily sexual.

A "tertiary relationship" is a polite way to refer to a one-night stand.

And you should be warned: Some married daters expect you not to cheat on your mistress with another mistress — a concept known as "polyfidelity."

"Our service is not meant to glorify or promote infidelity," says operations director Darren Morgenstern, who married shortly before Ashley Madison opened three years ago, in a press release.

"We're simply offering a safe and anonymous way for people to communicate with each other once they've made up their mind to explore options outside their relationship."

2. Honor Among Philanderers? A Lothario's Creed

From one philanderer to another, are you emotionally prepared for an affair? Can you handle the guilt, hide incriminating receipts and delete computer files that would spell ruin in divorce court?

"Unless you are the only one who has access to your computer, don't bookmark this webpage," visitors of are warned. "The contents can bury you!!!"

This warning comes from a man who identifies himself as Doug Mitchell. He won't give out his real name because, in addition to a wife, two children and a dog, he has had a girlfriend for seven years — just about as long as he's been running this site.