Hall of Fame

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Year after year, he was nominated for honors at the Ukulele Hall of Fame in Duxbury, Mass., but the quirky singer, who died in 1996, still hasn't been admitted, even though he's the only ukulele player most Americans can name — proving that fame isn't always important to a Hall of Fame.

As a consolation, if you tiptoe through the Ukulele Hall of Fame gift shop, you can still purchase Tiny Tim's music. In 30 years, where will William Hung's version of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs" be on sale? Perhaps it will be in the "Hall of 15 Minutes of Fame," which I plan to open, purely to insure my momentary immortality.

First, however, I'm heading to Milwaukee's International Clown Hall of Fame in May, where I'll help induct Pinto Colvig as the original Bozo the clown in the 1940s. The world is now filled with Bozos, all of whom want to be stars.

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