Wolf Files: Cutting-Edge Beer

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The brew was developed by Sackets Harbor Brewing Co. and the Olde Saratoga Brewing Co. in upstate New York, where the horse's owners live.

There's always a chance that celebrity sports endorsements will backfire. Call it the Kobe Bryant syndrome. To be sure, a rancid beer is often likened to something that came out of the wrong end of a horse. But that never stopped the Budweiser Clydesdales.

Besides, Funny Cide is a true champion and his beer is no doubt destined to be "the beer of studs," even though he's a gelding.

Moo Joose and Asparagus Beer: If you're the type who likes to impress others by ordering the most bizarre item at the bar, you might want to try distilled reindeer milk.

Norwegian distiller Arcus has been testing the seasonal tipple in Europe. This is not beer. But I include it here because you'll probably only order it after tossing back a few brews.

Liquor and milk might not sound like a natural. However, an Australian beverage company has been trying to market an alcoholic milkshake called "Moo Joose."

However, health groups have been fighting to ban this moo-velous drink, fearing that Moo Joose would encourage underage drinking. With an alcoholic content of 5.3 percent, the drinks are stronger than most standard Australian beers.

If you're branching out, you might also look out for Christmas Tree Beer. Welsh forestry worker Barbara Spence has been mixing up this holiday hooch from a mixture of spruce tree branches, molasses, yeast and water.

That might not sound bizarre. Just remember, the word cocktail comes from a 17th-century drink, "cock ale," a concoction of beer, raisins and a shredded rooster tail.

If money's not an object, you might want to jet to Spain for a glass of asparagus beer. It's one of the house drinks at Roses, chosen by GQ magazine for having one of the world's most exotic menus.

Can't go that far? Try Samuel Adams Utopias, a limited-edition brew that set a new a record with a dizzying 25 percent alcohol content.

You may want to let your buddy pick up the first round. Utopias sells for $100 a bottle — and there's a good chance you won't be able to stick around for a second round.