Weird News: Unbelievable Junk Sold on eBay

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"You will see people sell the fingernail clippings of serial killers," said Sydney Johnston, CEO of

"There are so many listings that it's hard for eBay to police the site."

However, eBay is becoming more corporate, and the small sellers with bizarre joke items are getting harder to find, she says.

"It's getting stodgier and stuffier, much more corporate," she says. "It's not as fun for the small seller with quirky stuff, although you can still have a good time."

But you can still do some wild things. Several weeks ago, 39-year-old Jeff Swanson of Iowa tried to auction off ad space on his head for $100,000.

Swanson, a father of four boys, says he needs the money for his family, and wouldn't mind if a Nike "swoosh" was tattooed down his forehead. Anything, as long as it wasn't "vulgar or obscene."

Hartzman details 101 bizarre auctions in his well-illustrated book. Here are some of my favorites: Found on the Internet

Shark Fetus: You could have been the owner of "Jaws Jr." — a shark fetus. No animal was intentionally harmed, the seller claimed. Apparently, a pregnant shark washed up on shore and the seller just knew it was destined for eBay. (Starting bid: $19.95; selling price, $32.)

Stuffed Two-Headed Calf: According to the seller, the two-headed calf was born near the family's Duck, West Va., home in 1955 and given to the family to settle a debt. It's been preserved in a glass case and comes with a letter of authenticity. (Starting bid: $20,000; no buyer.)

Taxidermied Musical Bullfrog: Does PETA know about this? Once a living creature, this bullfrog has been stuffed and posed on a wood block, playing a tiny banjo. "They do not pop up every day," the seller promises. Indeed. (Starting bid: $4.99; selling price: $27.99.)

Absolutely Nothing: Here's a great present for an existentialist — nothing. An entrepreneur from Sedalia, Mo., advertised that he was selling "Nothing! Absolutely Nothing," and giving the proceeds to a local university.