Cindy Brady Boots Reality

Former Child Star Votes Her Alter Ego Off a Web Reality TV Show

By Buck Wolf

Aug. 11, 2000 — You’re TV’s Cindy Brady. You’re the tag-along little sister with a big mouth. You lisp. And you’re outta here.

Let’s face it, if you had to be stranded on a Pacific island with a member of the Brady Bunch, Cindy has got to be your last choice. Even Susan Olsen, who played the Shirley Temple-ish imp, would boot her alter ego.

And that’s exactly what Olsen did.

The Web site started a “Brady Bunch Survivor” game last week, allowing viewers to ponder what would happen if America’s most squeaky-clean TV family had to face the rat-eating rigors of Survivor.

Cindy Zaps Cindy

“I can’t imagine what good Cindy would do for the others,” Olsen said, “so I zapped her.”

You can imagine the encumbrance of being Cindy Brady. It’s no wonder Olsen has become a spokeswoman for migraine awareness. For years, she had to live down rumors that she had a secret life as a porn actress.

But as TV Guide reported last year, Olsen merely resembles the star of the 1986 X-rated skin flick Crocodile Blondee.

“These sorts of things happen all the time,” says Olsen, who now hosts an Internet radio show on

Olsen and a lot of others voted the littlest Brady off the mythical island of Palau Suburbia, and now it’s left to Greg, Marcia and the rest to muddle through.

Why care? Well, ratings don’t lie. And based on the success of Survivor, Peeping Tom TV is in. You’ll see more of it this fall, and expect producers to mix in old sitcom staples.

Remember The Love Boat? It was a great work program for Sonny Bono, Jimmie “J.J.” Walker and coochie-coochie girl Charo when their careers went into the “Where Are They Now?” file. It may have been trash, but it’s never to late to start recycling.

Coming this fall to Fox: Love Cruise. I know it sounds familiar, but cruise director Julie McCoy would never approve of this. Eighteen single men and women between the ages of 22 and 35 set sail for 10 days to an exotic locale, and along the way, they’re set up on a series of revolving dates and sexy games in a search for the perfect mate. And, of course, the peering eye of hidden cameras will film their every move.