Wolf Files: The Mother of All Jokes

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Soupy recalls his mother-in-law once saying, "I'm going to dance on your grave."

"I hope so," Soupy replied. "I'm going to be buried at sea."

The 77-year-old comic has collected his favorite bits in Stop Me If You've Heard It (Evans & Co.).

Some of his jokes might be a little musty. "What's a home without a Mother? … Dirty!" But his memories of his own mother are not. And Sadie Soupman was much more than a housekeeper.

Soupy lost his father when he was 5, and Sadie raised her boy and ran the family's dry general store. "She didn't care what I said about her," he says. "As long as it was funny."

Thoughts on Mother's Day: "Remember, there are no bad jokes … only bad parents."

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