Top Weird Stories of 2001

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4. Psychics Don't Know It's National Psychics Week — How's this for intuition: Most psychics didn't know that August rings in National Psychics Week.

5. Plastic Surgeons Salute Baywatch — When Pamela Anderson bounced her way to Baywatch babedom, cosmetic surgeons everywhere rejoiced. When the show signed off the air this year, plastic surgeons raised a scalpel to salute the TV show they say revolutionized their industry.

6. Battle of the Giant BraBalls — Call it a tempest in a C-cup: Two San Francisco artists retained lawyers in legal battle over who would be allowed to call themselves the owner of the world's largest "BraBall." One man had spent eight years collecting more than 20,000 brassieres — including one from supermodel Naomi Campbell — to lampoon America's obsession with mammary glands.

In other intimate apparel news, the thong — the underwear that nearly brought down the Clinton administration — celebrated its 20th anniversary. What started as a novelty is now the fastest-growing segment of the women's undergarment market.

7. Happy Funerals — Graying baby boomers are going in style. Batesville Casket Co. said its research shows that 41 percent of boomers want to go out with a "huge party." So it's marketing items like the "Cool Jazz" funeral package, where the deceased's casket rests on two loudspeakers playing a meditative selection of Miles Davis with a drum set nearby.

One family had exotic dancers at their loved one's funeral because the deceased was "that sort of guy." And another fellow had a "boxing-themed" memorial. The funeral parlor was decked out like a boxing ring, complete with a drop-down microphone. Mourners actually stepped between the ropes like prize fighters to deliver eulogies over the sound system.

8. Mosquitoes (Sometimes) Prefer Blondes — Blondes get more attention. That might not such a good thing when it comes to mosquitoes. America's leading bug expert, a Harvard University professor, reveals peculiar habits of one of God's most annoying creatures — the result of a lifetime playing with bugs.