Passing Gas (And Other Small Towns)

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Some other geography lessons from Passing Gas:

Lessons in Intercourse: Most Americans probably didn't know they had a Climax in New York. There are actually 14 cities across the country named Climax. You'll find Intercourse in another seven states.

Needless to say, whether you're talking about Intercourse, Ala., or Intercourse, Pa., don't expect wild promiscuity.

Still, the local sewing circle in Intercourse, Ala., had to change its names after a series of car crashes outside the town's meeting hall, where it advertised, "Intercourse Lessons Wednesday Night."

Sweetlips and Sadness: Some towns are history lessons. Sweetlips, Tenn., is where Civil War soldiers stopped to get water and Stinking Point, Va., was where dead bodies washed up on shore.

Bad Advertising: Are you itching to move to Scratch Ankle, Ala., named when church people in passing carriages noted the plethora of mosquitoes?

Similarly, Fleatown, Ohio, was once a stagecoach stop and the home of a prominent farm. Not necessarily a good mix.

You're Full of Crapo: Giggle all you want, residents of Crapo, Md., will tell you that their town is pronounced Cray-po, and that's a family name. One must assume that this is an ongoing problem.

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