Support for Alien Abductees, Bug Lovers

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Left-Handed Liberation: You don't know how serious America's left wing is suffering until you talk to Bernard Sands — founder of the Left-Handed Liberation Society.

Let's get a few of those myths about lefties out of the way: They are not possessed by the devil — although some cultures still believe that — and they are not necessarily more creative than righties — although some are very talented. Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci were southpaws, and so were three of the last four presidents, according to the left-handers' official Web site.

Still, it's a rightie's world, and everything from school desks to corkscrews are designed for those who favor that hand.

As a child, Sands recalls that his teacher tied one hand behind his back to get him to write with his "proper" right hand. He said the episode contributed to his speech impediment.

One of Sands' pet projects is to get some of the meanings for left-handers dropped from the dictionary, including "awkward," "clumsy" and "sinister." He's also helped to promote International Left-Handers Day, which falls on Aug. 13.

Kinky Rights: Just because you like to be spanked, doesn't mean you're willing to suffer other sorts of abuse — like workplace discrimination.

The National Coalition of Sexual Freedom says that cross-dressers, sadomasochists, foot fetishists and other "sexual minorities" are subjected to discrimination because of their lifestyle.

If you want to be politically sensitive, folks who sleep around should not be called demeaning terms like floozies or womanizers. The politically correct term for people with prodigious sexual appetites is "polyamorous."

Insect Politics: Talk about sticking up for the little guy: The Animal Protection Institute in Richland, Wash., opposes government experimentation in using honey bees to sniff out land mines.

"Bees aren't U.S. citizens. They shouldn't be pressed into military service," a spokesperson for the agency said.

Officials think that bees will react differently to pollen polluted by chemicals from land mines. It all may come down to who gets to decide the value of a bug's life.