Celebrate National Singles Week

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With just a day's notice, can ship personalized flowers virtually anyplace in the United States. For $59.99, you can get a summer sun bouquet of yellow lilies and orange roses that say "congratulations." For an extra $20, that same arrangement can be personalized with any picture and any written message.

I'm sure Shakespeare would agree that a rose by any other name would not smell as sweet as those that proclaim, "I love Shakespeare."

2. Democrat-Only Love: Can someone who loves George W. Bush fall in love with a John Kerry supporter? If you think it's best to toe the party line when it comes to personal politics, you can start looking for love next week on two politically charged Web sites.

Kerry supporters can find each other on, while Bush fans can hook up on

"You can cross party lines, but don't you think you'll be happier with someone who sees things the way you do when it comes to issues like the death penalty, gun control and abortion?" says April Masini, author of the AskApril advice column.

Of course there are all sorts of specialty dating services. Vegetarians have There's and if you ride a horse, and if ride a hog.

You and your pup can seek double dates on

But Masini believes that politics is what divides people, even more than religion. "If you wouldn't consider voting outside your party," she says, "you certainly won't be happy dating outside your party."

What about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver? "There are exceptions," Masini says. "They're not the sort of couple you see every day."