Fat and Furry: Atkins for Portly Pets

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"In some cases, you see the dogs imitating the humans," says Horn, who started his pet yoga program at a New York animal rescue center to relieve puppies and kitties from the trauma of abandonment.

Van Horn's 60-minute Yoga for Better Living workout involves stretches, headstands and back bends. Dogs aren't necessarily going to try these poses, but the routine will allow the animal to soak in the calm meditative vibes, which Van Horn says can soothe any creature, perhaps even a guppy.

7. Mouser-Sizing Robots: Even lazy dogs play fetch. Getting a fat cat to exercise isn't so easy, especially if the cat's owner is out of shape, too. After all, dangling a ball of yarn can get pretty tiring.

Couch potatoes can now turn to a remote-control "virtual mouse that can be steered around the house to taunt sedentary pussies. The Takara "Cat Attack" exerciser, coming to pet stores next month, even has automatic settings to give your cat the momentary thrill of hunting a robotic mouse.

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