Americans Sleep (And Do More) With Dogs

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Pooch Pops aren't like the other Wyler's frozen sorbets and ices. It's more of a dog's summertime fantasy — frozen meat and cheese on a stick. But with no sugar or food coloring, Pooch Pops might be better for you than the typical frozen treat for humans.

Frozen dairy treats for dogs are already a hit, with products like Frosty Paws ice cream available in many supermarkets.

But the future of dog and human snacking was unveiled earlier this year in a pet products show in Atlanta, when Dogmatic Products introduced Woofy Pop, a microwavable popcorn for dogs and dog owners. Woofy Pop will be available in bacon- and chicken liver-flavor, so you and your dog might have to flip a coin to see who gets to pick dessert.

Restoring and Recovering a Neutered Friend: If you otherwise treat your pet as an equal, you may have mixed feelings when it comes to neutering. But dog lovers — like so many others people these days — have been turning to plastic surgery for relief.

Since 1995, more than 100,000 dogs in 32 countries have received Neuticles — prosthetic testicular implants that give dogs — or perhaps just their owners — the feeling that nothing's changed.

But soon, Neuticles will serve more than a superficial, cosmetic purpose.

Next month, a dog will receive the first set of Neuticles with a pea-sized microchip that can be used to identify a lost pet. If the dog is lost, the microchip in its scrotum will allow for fast identification and retreaval. It's not quite a doggie LoJack, but it's one step closer.

"It's a great way to say 'I love you' to your pet," says Neuticle inventor Gregg Miller, who is scheduling his 2-year-old boxer, Winston, for the first Neuticle Microchip.

"I've been saving him for this event," Miller says.

Perhaps it won't make up for all that's lost, but it might go a long way.

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