Weird News: Useful Excuses for Labor Day

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Excuses for Bigger Kids

Excuse not to go to medical school: The school year is starting and career-minded parents want their kids to become doctors. But are doctors happy? Many are not, according to a survey published earlier this year in Medical Economics. The magazine says 33 percent of gynecologists have unsatisfying love lives.

There's also a good excuse not to marry a doctor. The same survey says 18 percent of married ophthalmologists say they've had at least one affair. Of doctors who do cheat, 36 percent of doctors who cheat do so with nurses, 9 percent with another doctor and 7 percent with patients.

Excuse not to become an accountant: The book on accountancy is that it's the most headache-prone profession. A study by pain reliever Excedrin shows almost half of all accountants suffer headaches during the workweek. About 42 percent of truck drivers and 38 percent of construction workers say their work causes headaches. At the opposite end of the scale, only 20 percent of homemakers say they suffer headaches while working.

Excuse not to go to college: The more you go to school, the less often you have sex.

A study by the University of Chicago's National Opinion Research Center finds that high school graduates have sex 58 times a year — a higher annual average than those folks with fancy diplomas.

College grads only score 56 times a year in the bedroom. And those with graduate degrees have the least sex of all — a mere 50 times a year. The findings concluded that the most sexually active groups tend to watch more television, listen to jazz, and vote liberal. Now that sounds like a fun Labor Day, doesn't it?

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