Father's Day Gifts for the Couch Potato

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9. For Torturing Telemarketers: A Voice Changer

Telemarketers have a radar-like ability to know when you're enjoying a TV show, a meal or a moment of peace. They probably drive your dad through the roof. Why not let him have some fun?

With a Voice Manipulator XE — a $30 device that fits over the phone from — Dad can get on the line and digitally alter his voice to sound like Hannibal Lecter or Mr. T. He can be a burly lumberjack or a thin mint-selling Girl Scout, depending on who's calling.

To quote one famous TV intimidator, "I pity the fool who tries to sell him a long-distance plan while he's watching football."

10. For the Single Dad: An Ex-Girlfriend Reunion Maybe it didn't work out with Mom, and Dad's on his own. Well, the folks at have a $9.99 Father's Day special, helping single dads reconnect with old girlfriends.

Imagine bringing out Dad's high school prom date instead of an ice cream cake. Before you know it, you might be buying an engagement present.

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