Wolf Files: All the World's an Ad

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"We're capitalizing on a captive audience," says Gary Leon, a senior VP at the company. "It's all in good fun to make someone chuckle."

In one of the ads, a man wearing boxer shorts says things like, "Hey, buddy, didn't you have that underwear on last Thursday? You've got to change daily."

Change Daily sells women's underwear but has not yet unveiled similar ad program for ladies' rooms.

Wheels of Fortune: If you're tired of seeing police cars, ambulances and fire trucks smeared with corporate ads, perhaps it's just time for you to start cashing in, too.

You can turn your own jalopy into a rolling billboard. Joe Blanks, a former police officer from San Antonio, has created "Sign of the Time" electronic signs for cars. The $380 device, powered by a car's cigarette lighter, holds up to 60 messages.

"You don't even have to drive the car," says Blanks. "If you live in the right neighborhood, you can just leave it parked in your front yard."

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