The Man Who Stole Summer

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While America was struggling through the Great Depression, Franklin Roosevelt declared that the Thanksgiving would be celebrated one week earlier because he wanted to extend the Christmas shopping season.

Government documents said the new Thanksgiving would allow Americans to “make proper provision for the Christmas rush.”

Roosevelt haters (read: Republicans) trounced the idea. After two years, Thanksgiving was moved back to its familiar date. Did Thanksgiving lose any honor? I think not.

Added Bonus: Shorter Election Seasons

Clearly, a precedent has been set. We can move Labor Day. This war is winnable. We must be allowed to celebrate summer until it truly ends.

Oh, I can hear the opposition already, probably led by politicians up for re-election who just can’t wait for that post-Labor Day advertising campaign. But I know if I can promise America an election season that’s three weeks shorter, the war is already won.

Other sticks in the mud are going to try to smear summer itself.

Don’t be fooled. Don’t let anyone kid you that each season has its own beauty. Would you be happy if your loved one compared you to a winter’s day?

And when you walk to your car in the freezing cold, do you ever say, “Boy, this winter is just flying by”?

Before the screen door slams on the summer of 2001, sign the petition below, and spread the word. We can restore summer to the length God intended. God bless you, and God bless Labor Day!

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