Weird News: $1 Million Prize for Psychics

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After fumbling and squirming for 20 minutes, Geller claimed he was simply too tired to use his powers. He retreated to England, and struggled for a period with depression and bulimia.

Randi later wrote The Truth About Uri Geller, claiming that Geller exploited sleight-of-hand tricks and stage magic for personal gain.

But Geller survived. He's written several books and claims he's earned a fortune dowsing for gold and diamonds, and applying his psychic energies to help oil companies locate petroleum. Several years ago, he promoted a 900-number psychic hotline in an infomercial. He also went on a media blitz promoting Uri Geller's Mindpower Kit, which included a book, cassette tape and a special crystal to nourish the purchaser's own psychic power.

Geller Refuses Challenge, Turns to Moonwalking

On behalf of psychics everywhere, I asked Geller, Would you claim Randi's million-dollar prize? Would you prove on National Psychic Week there really is such a thing as telekinetic power?

"I have considered it," Geller said. But he says he's got nothing to prove. He said many scientists have validated his talents, and doesn't trust Randi's foundation.

"He's all about negativity," Geller said. "I want to concentrate on the positive."

Geller's big project now is helping the King of Pop travel in outer space.

"You will see," he says. "Michael Jackson will one day moonwalk on the moon.

"Imagine what an inspiration that will be for children."

Geller says he's been speaking to NASA officials to get the singer booked on a future space flight. He also says he's been mentally preparing his pop-star pal for blastoff.

"We train our minds to empower each other," Geller says.

Liar for Hire

To Geller and all other psychics unaware that there's a holiday in their honor, here's a little lesson in psychic history.

National Psychic Week has been listed on calendars since 1965. It was created by show business press agent Richard R. Falk, who had a flair for dramatic PR stunts.