A $12 Million Bra . . . and Other Fantasy Gifts

Price Check on the Solid Gold Zippo


Dec. 13, 2005 —  Some people need a solid gold Zippo cigarette lighter almost as badly as the rest of us need to convulsively laugh that such a product even exists.

Indeed, Zippo's 18-karat gold lighter, on sale for $3,500, is among the many fantasy gifts available for the holiday season. Nearly every retailer and manufacturer has at least one item so outrageously expensive, it's probably designed more for the PR value than for actual sales. Still, some people will actually buy the $175 crystal PEZ dispenser, available with the face of some of your favorite cartoon figures.

If you're in the market for a $12,500 diamond-studded iPod case, or would rather flush money down a $10,000 toilet, here are some of the most outrageous fantasy gifts. Sell your car, mortgage your home, and add these items to your holiday wish list.

Victoria Secret's Fantasy Bra: No lady could ask for a more ostentatious lift than Victoria Secret's $12.5 million brassiere encrusted with 2,900 diamonds, rubies and other precious stones. Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks are among the supermodels who've been pictured in this item since it first went on sale in 1996.

"It's pretty heavy," supermodel Gisele Bundchen said as she joked with reporters after modeling the luxury item last month. "I mean, it was, like, almost heavier than me."

The Paris Hilton Watch: What better way to check on your 15 minutes of fame than with the new $250,000 Paris Hilton Watch — a Tourneau timepiece with a mosaic of 1,026 gems, including six carats of yellow diamonds, on its face. Bargain models in platinum and gold range as low as $100,000 — a great deal for the bargain-hunting heiress.

Gold-Plated Computer: VoodooPC calls its Omen-line the "Bentley" of personal computers. The entire shell of this PC has been dipped in 24K gold, and costs about $15,000, depending on the configuration.

If you're trying to make a statement with your portable electronics, check out the $12,500 iPod Nano case, available at, featuring 586 diamonds on white gold. It makes the daily ritual of misplacing your iPod all the more exhilarating.

Three Hours at Zero Gravity: Vacations in space are now a $20 million reality. But even Lance Bass has trouble coming up with that kind of money. For just $3,750, you can spend three hours at zero gravity, inside a modified Boeing 727 that soars at high speeds off the coast of Florida. Great American Days — an adventure travel agency — has set up this FAA-approved Peter Pan experience that will leave you walking on air.

Personalized Action Figures: Will your kid be playing with GI Joe, Superman or you? For $425, Herobuilders will sculpt a 12-inch version of yourself, ripped with muscles. Just send front and profile photos, and three weeks later, you'll have your own mini-me.

Sorry, you won't be rendered anatomically correct. But Herobuilders will match your tattoos, earrings, and clothing. For an extra $100, you can even add a voice recording, such as, "Hey, Barbie! I want to play in your dream house."

Replica Indy Cars: What beats playing IndyCar on your Xbox? That's easy — playing IndyCar in a life-sized replica of the car driven by 2005 Indianapolis 500 winner Dan Wheldon. If you can fit this $65,000 video game from Neiman Marcus into your playroom, you might also want to consider the $10,000 VIP option that includes a meet-and-greet with drivers and other behind-the-scenes goodies at next year's race.

If you want a race car to drive, Home Depot will sell you a replica of Nextel Cup champ Tony Stewart's Home Depot Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS. This $62,000 version has been made street legal, but has power to spare, leather bucket seats and a deluxe sound system.

A Royal Flush: Any trip to the bathroom can be a fairy tale experience, if you're sitting on a toilet modeled after an 8th Century French throne. The $10,000 Merovingian toilet, made from hand-carved mahogany and ash that's protected by three layers of polyurethane, is available at Pull the handle, and each flush comes with a musical chime, followed by a recording of choice poetry, from the works of Alfred de Musset

The Grandest of Pianos: FAO Schwartz in New York has a reputation for exotic toys. Your head will tip backward (but don't expect candy to come out) when you see the $175 price tag on the Swarovsky crystal PEZ dispensers.

FAO Schwartz is where Tom Hanks dances on a giant, 22-foot piano in "Big." You can have one of those babies, too, for a mere $250,000. They'll even throw in delivery, installation and enough "key dancing" lessons to teach you to play chopsticks with your toes.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at "The Wolf Files" is published Tuesdays.