Wolf Files: Sex and the Cell Phone

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Twenty years after high school, you and your dream girl are no longer spring chickens. But if you're both still single, maybe that's a sign you two were meant to be. Of course, you can always seek her out for a first date on

Blind Dater's Paradise: The perfect restaurant for blind dates has opened in Berlin — the Unsicht-Bar — where it's pitch-black inside, and patrons cannot see what they are eating and have to be led to their tables by blind waiters.

Is love truly blind? A date at the Unsicht-Bar might help you answer that question. Don't bother trying to read the menu. The waiter will ask if you want the fish, meat or the vegetable entry. Then, let your tongue, nose and ears do most of the work, while your eyes take a rest.

You might find you can see more in your blind date without using your eyes.

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