New Doll Friends for GI Joe

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1. Queasy Bake Oven It's a big brother's job to make his little sister gag. That's so much easier now with the Queasy Bake Oven ($24.99) from Hasbro, the folks who make the Easy-Bake Oven. It's aimed at boys who want to whip up mouth-watering, ooey-gooey treats such as "blend-a-booger" drinks and "Larva-Licious" cookies.

2. I Can Go Potty Training Video

Calling Dr. Freud: If toilet training and psychological trauma go hand in hand, what hope does a parent have of getting little Junior off diapers without sentencing him to a lifetime of therapy.

In I Can Go Potty, 6-year-old Jillian explains how brother Andrew learned proper wiping procedures and the importance of washing his hands. Jaunty music segments like "When It's Time to Go" drive the message home. I Can Go Potty ($14.95) has the distinction of winning a Parents Choice Award.

3. Edible Tattoos

From the folks who brought you Chocolate Body Paint — the naughty treat for kinky couples — now comes edible tattoos for kids. Sally Fegley of Tom & Sally's Handmade Chocolates says edible tattoos are a G-rated rendition of her company's wearable desserts. It's all very simple: You rub a strawberry heart on your forearm, and later it's a strawberry-flavored snack. Will tattoo-clad kids start licking each other? You decide.

4. Billy-Bob Teeth

There're big bucks in twisted, gnarled novelty teeth.

In a full-fanged battle royal last year, the makers of Billy-Bob Teeth sued rival Bubba Teeth in a copyright infringement case that resulted in Billy-Bob taking a $142,000 bite out of Bubba.

The future is now Billy-Bob's, which has a licensing agreement for the next Austin Powers sequel. These novelty chompers ($12) are molded to your mouth, and top-of-the-line versions come with 24-karat, gold-plated incisors, studded with a cubic zirconia.

5. Prenatal Mozart

Don't you want to play with your unborn baby? With BebeSounds's Prenatal Gift Set ($49.95), you can talk, listen, and play music to a fetus.