Bogus News Is an April Fools' Tradition

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Not True: A Rise in Pet Suicide, Pet Prostitution

What do you expect after years of lying around the house and drinking out of the toilet? In 1993, The Boston Phoenix noted a rising trend in pet suicides. Perhaps that explains all the catatonic kitties and prescriptions for puppy Prozac.

A few years earlier, New York City's Village Voice ran a story on New York's first "doggie bordello," a kennel of ill repute promising "hot bitches" for lonely mutts.

The report troubled New York's attorney general so much, he sent a subpoena to conceptual artist Joey Skaggs, who admitted that he routinely sends out April Fools' press releases, just to prove how gullible the media can be.

For the last 19 years, Skaggs has been hosting New York's April Fools' Day Parade. The event is just as real as the doggie bordello. Nobody shows up, except a few reporters, who quickly find out that they're the only fools in this parade.

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