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Psychic's Can't Predict The Coming of Their Own Holiday

Many Clairvoyants Couldn't Predict That There's a Special Event in Their Honor

By Buck Wolf

Aug. 7, 2001 — I want to believe in the supernatural. But how can I? National Psychic Week kicks off in August and many professional psychics don't even know it exists.

"I guess it's just not on my radar," said David Felder of the Zodiac Group, a psychic telemarketing group in Florida that has used Paula Jones, the former Arkansas state employee who sued former President Clinton, as a spokeswoman.

The Zodiac Group promises "accurate answers from caring psychic advisers for life's tough questions." Yet it's hard to explain why there's no awareness of National Psychic Week among Felder's psychics.

Apparently glancing at his desk calander as he speaks to me over the phone, he said, "I see today is a bank holiday in Ireland."

Pressed for further explanation, Felder rushed me off the phone. "I'm actually expecting a call," he said. "May I call you back in five minutes?"

I never heard from him again. And I tried. Twice.

Only one of the five clairvoyants The Wolf Files contacted knew about the event — Fran Baskerville of Dallas, known to believers as "The Singing Psychic."

"Oh, it is so wonderful that our profession is honored," said Baskerville. "Some people look down on us."

Baskerville claims she developed her special powers in 1979, after she was hit by an 18-wheel truck while parked outside her beauty parlor in a Chevy Impala.

"It ruptured an artery in my head. After that … strange things began to happen and I could see with new eyes."

The Ghost of a Liar

This is not the first time The Wolf Files has quizzed psychics about National Psychic Week. Back in August 1998, The Wolf Files asked Gail Summer, president of the American Association of Professional Psychics, if she had any special plans for the big event.

"Wow, this was a complete surprise to me," Summer said. But she explained that "just because we're clairvoyant doesn't mean we know everything. We're psychics, not gods."

Summer is the blond woman on late-night TV who urges folks to see "certified" psychics, like the ones available through 900-lines, who will tell you your future for $3.99 a minute. As you might predict, your future will begin with big phone bills.