Labor Day Excuses

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As it turns out, poring over Us Weekly has advantages. About 14 percent of the people interviewed share what they read with other star gawkers, making them more outgoing. Less than 1 percent demonstrated obsessive "celebrity worship syndrome." Interestingly, Maltby said about 75 percent of the respondents have no interest in celebrity. Let's hope that doesn't spoil Britney's wedding.

7. … To Have More Sex How often should you be having sex? If you're a man, the answer is five times a week — at least when it comes to preventing prostate cancer.

Talk about being lucky in love: The Cancer Council Victoria in Australia surveyed 2,000 men this year and found those who had sex five times a week were a third less likely to get prostate cancer than those who rarely had any sexual release.

Women also have reasons to get amorous. Regular sex increases estrogen levels, which improves bone strength and circulation while reducing risk of heart disease, according to the Athena Institute in Pennsylvania.

Whether you're a man or woman, sex is good for your brain, at least according to German sociologist Werner Habermehl at the University of Hamburg.

Habermehl tested college students before and after sexual intercourse. He found regular sexual activity increased mental capability, while celibate students weren't exactly funneling frustration into their work.

That's something to think about over Labor Day. Just don't labor too hard.

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