Cheaters Inc.: The Infidelity Industry

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Some sites allow members to post "discreet" listings, which allow them to not announce their marital status. Others, like, will boot you off if you're reported to be less than legally separated. Posting an online personal advertisement is a clear ethical no-no when you're hitched. But can you flirt in a chat room if you are espoused but filled with ennui?

Interestingly, men say chatting is cheating more than women, according to a member survey by Only 35 percent of ladies think online flirting is a breach of the wedding vows, compared to 48 percent of men.

The problems presented by wed surfers posing as singles has opened the door to companies like, yet another married-but-still-dating Web site.

"Thirty percent of those who use online dating services are married," the Web site claims. "Why not join a site specifically designed for you? With, there's no excuses, no explanations."

5. Jealous Spouse Panty Raids

If you think your spouse is a louse, you don't have to wash your dirty laundry in public. You can investigate yourself by checking for incriminating DNA evidence.

The CheckMate 5-Minute Infidelity Kit, available at for $49.95, allows you to soak your spouse's suspiciously stained underwear with a chemical and then blot it with a strip of paper. It's similar to a pregnancy test.

The company claims Checkmate is effective on both men and women, even if the man is using a condom or the woman showers after a tryst. The Web site is also marketing Checkmate as a way for parents to find out if their child has become sexually active.

For best results when checking up on your spouse, the company suggests you abstain from sex with your partner for a few days to make sure the suspicious stain came from a third party (and perhaps at a third party).