Wolf Files: Strange Summer Camps

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Buff Campers:

Skinny-dipping in the lake sounds like something Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn would do. What about nude volleyball and hiking in the raw? You don't need to pack a very big trunk if you're headed to the Youth Leadership Camp in Lutz, Fla., sponsored by the American Association of Nude Recreation.

The camp — for kids 11 to 18 — came under scrutiny last year when Florida Rep. Mark Foley called on state Gov. Jeb Bush to investigate the summer program, worrying about the welfare of the children.

But an investigation revealed that the camp has been operating lawfully for more than a decade. Foley has since met with representatives from the camp and asked that it merely review the background-check procedure for its counselors.

No parents have stepped forward to complain, although some campers admit to mosquito bites in the strangest of places.

Barbershop Camp: A summer camp for future hairstylists? Not quite. However, if you like to sing a cappella, you'll sing the praise of Harmony Camp, where kids learn the joys of singing in barbershop quartets. This vintage musical style, first popular in the early 1900s, is not for everybody. But with the success of 'N Sync and Boyz II Men a few years ago, harmony-heavy singing groups made a comeback.

Now you can get your kid ready for the next wave of boy bands. A week at South Carolina's Harmony Camp, including room and board, is $420. Last year's program attracted 350 kids from 10 states. Perhaps the next Justin Timberlake is living under your own roof.

Hip-Hop Camp: You'll find a whole new rhythm for "Oh Susanna!" and other campfire songs at Cleveland's "Hip-Hop Rhapsody Summer Camp," a two-week program where kids learn the fundamentals of DJ-ing, emceeing, break dancing, and rapping.