Americans Sleep (And Do More) With Dogs

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Since the first Pet Strollers were introduced nine months ago, they've been a sensation, selling more than 5,000 units. Now, manufacturer is about to unveil the new SUV Pet Stroller that will allow proud pet owners with larger dogs to take their animals on the ultimate walk.

These strollers, retailing from $129 to $189, are more than just vanity. Manufacturer Brad White says they help in the transportation of older animals.

Cats, who never really take to the leash, are able to travel with their human companions like never before. And for dogs, the stroller combines their two ultimate joys — they can sleep and be taken for a walk at the same time.

Beautyrest for the Dog Tired: Maybe your spouse gave you an ultimatum, "It's me or the dog." After all, not everyone wants to sleep with a panting, howling beast that drinks from the toilet.

Fear not. Even if you and your pet can't share the same bed, you can still share the same mattress.

The Simmons Beautyrest mattress — with its patented individual pocketed coils — is now available in three doggie sizes, and can be dressed up in specially fitted sheets to match your breed's coloring, from chocolate Lab to black-and-white Dalmatian.

Simmons has teamed up with Pet Goods Manufacturing & Imports to bring your furry friend a good night's sleep — and soften the blow that comes to any creature that's asked to leave the bedroom.

The mattress, with iron bed frame, is an exact replica of the human variety. And vinyl liners of all sizes are available — if either your kid, your spouse or your dog still has accidents.

Canine-Coordinated Fashion: Remember when it was cute to tie a bandana around a pooch? Then came the novelty outfits — doggie reindeer antlers for the holidays, bow ties for the Chippendale in your Airedale.

Then celebrities got into the picture. Society columnist Cindy Adams is among the most famous for dressing her Yorkies, Jazzy and Juicy, in matching mink coats.

In no time, Gucci began offering $250 black leather collars with the brand name featured in silver block letters, and Chanel offers silver and gold canine accessories so that on Oscar night, you and your Pomeranian wouldn't clash.

Now, everyday clothing for everyday dogs is becoming an everyday reality. According to Pet Business Magazine, pet outfitting is a $15 million business.