Fried Oreos, Viagra Gum, Other Food Ideas

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Perhaps it's only a matter of time before we see Lamb Latté and Chicken Cappuccino.

Chocolate Wonton S'mores: Did the ancient Chinese ever gather around the campfire to roast marshmallows? If only they did, we wouldn't have had to wait until now for Chocolate Wonton S'mores — a treat that will soon be available throughout the United States.

Wild Noodles — an up-and-coming Phoenix-based restaurant chain — has plans to open 100 franchises over the next few months, taking bold new steps in Asian cuisine at affordable family prices.

One of Chef Eddie Matney's specialties: golden crispy fried wontons rolled in cinnamon and drizzled with marshmallow cream sauce and chocolate fudge.

Nicotine Beer: Imagine having a beer and a cigarette in one sip — that's like a vacation in degenerate heaven.

For other people, just quitting smoking as painlessly as possible would be the answer to a prayer. That's the intention behind the work of some Duke University researchers who have developed a liquid nicotine solution that can be added to a beverage to satisfy a nicotine craving.

Smokers who now fight their addiction with "the patch" may one day turn to "the pint" for help. You can actually have an extra round and explain it away by saying, "I'm trying to cut down."

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