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Exotic Pet Care Goes Upscale

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"Sure, if the snake wasn't fed for months and the human didn't wash and, therefore, smelled like a rat or mouse, then they'll bite you. Otherwise, it's just love." 2. Possum-Bonding Pouches

If you're playing mama to a little opossum, you may want to honor the little critter's marsupial roots with a Sandman "Bonding Pouch" — an animal carrier that lets you carry him around, just like his biological mother would.

Sugar gliders — miniature members of the opossum family — are one of the trendiest exotic pets. They're nocturnal, so you can count on them for company if you're having trouble getting to sleep. And, just like baby kangaroos, they love to ride around in their mom's pouch.

Manmade pouches from Sandman don't exactly serve a biological purpose. But they do keep sugar gliders happy. These knapsack-like bags, available for around $12, offer dark and cozy fun for your pet, and they're available in human-friendly fashions, from zebra prints to traditional plaids.

Talk about new domestic partnerships: Sandman even lets a man play marsupial mom, with a masculine line of bonding pouches that feature football patterns and sports themes.

3. Hoof Moisturizer for a Potbellied Pig

When your little piggy goes to the market, you don't want her to stand out like a stubbed toe. offers hoof moisturizer and ultra-sheen shampoo — the latest in pampered porcine perfection.

When you rub this vitamin-enriched cream into your piggy's piggies, you're helping the hoof wall expand naturally — a bargain at $5.95 for a 2-ounce jar. The specially formulated shampoo ($9.95 a bottle), pulls oil out of a pig's naturally dry skin and won't burn those little pink eyes. It could be the next best thing to wallowing in the mud!

4. Bearded Dragons on a Leash

Maybe it seems like your iguana is always smiling. But he won't be if you leave him behind. Now, with a Repta-Leash from T-Rex, you can take all sorts of lizards out for a walk, from a tiny gecko to an adult bearded dragon, for prices that range from $8 to $12.

Repta-Leashes vary in size, depending on the girth of your slithering bundle of joy, and boast a lizard-friendly cinch. They also come in sturdy leather, which we assume is not of the alligator variety.

5. Ferret Formal Attire