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Move Over, Dracula: Here Comes Keg Monster!

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5. God's Gift — If you're a guy who's not wrapped too tightly, Party City has a huge bow, heaps of festive gift paper and a wearable cardboard box. Step into this thing and you're God's Gift to Women. It comes in "one size fits most," presumably because it's designed for massive egos.

But if adult costumes are supposed to be conversation starters, the wearable Kissing Booth — available for both sexes at — is available. This might be the greatest holiday outfit since primitive man began taping mistletoe to his forehead at Christmas parties.

6. Adam and Eve — How do you and your Halloween date feel about felt fig leaves? The $50 Adam & Eve couples costume consists of two flesh-toned, body-clinging jumpsuits, reminiscent of what passed for fashion before man and woman ate from the Tree of Knowledge.

7. Doggie Darth Vader — This year's hottest licensed character is Darth Vader — and not just for men and boys. Even pets are turning to the Dark Side. About one in five dog owners will dress up a pooch, and some will be choosing the $17 Doggie Darth Vader, available at Party City. Also popular is Doggie Zorro, who will leave his mark on your carpet if there's no treat.

8. A Body Bag With Legs — At first glance, you might think $25 for a Body Bag costume is a complete waste of money. After all, it's just a black cotton sack that zips over your head and torso. But I've come to think it as this year's best costume.

For one thing, it's truly scary. And if you're a Halloween purist, costumes shouldn't be cute or sexy or clever. They should send chills up your spine — and that's what you get here. Each Body Bag from is labeled "Metro County Coroners Office."

For another thing, it's not so bad to date a Body Bag. The costumes come with handles — perfect for latching and leading your sweetheart around. And if dressing up completely embarrasses you, just keep the bag zipped up for maximum head-to-knee coverage. Various slits allow you to hold a drink, see where you're going, and get enough air so that you don't end up in an actual body bag.

Best of all, on Nov. 1, when most Halloween costumes get thrown out, this one, at least, doubles as a liner for your garbage can.

Buck Wolf is entertainment producer at "The Wolf Files" is published Tuesdays.