Just Try to Avoid the Super Bowl

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Pigskin Pajama Games: The NFL certainly doesn't have a hand in a lot of the game hoopla. One of the biggest sideshows this year is "The Lingerie Bowl," a pay-per-view event that features models playing tackle football in nothing but skimpy undies and cleats.

Flame-haired Angie Everheart, the supermodel who was once engaged to Sylvester Stallone, is among the competitors, and so is Playboy playmate Nikki Zierling, who demonstrated her tough moves as the nasty policewoman stripper in American Pie 2 and I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

"The halftime show isn't for everybody," says organizer Omar Mortaza. "Most guys start flipping channels, and this will sure hold their attention."

Two of football's greatest legends, Eric Dickerson and Lawrence Taylor, are lending their names to this event, as is announcer Michael Buffer, who will open the show with his trademark yodeling of "Let's get ready to rumble!"

The exception here, of course, is that most of the rumbling will come from the spectators — especially if the toilets explode, the guacamole runs out, and there's an upset in the celebrity snore-off.

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