Wolf Files: Sleeping With Celebs

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1. The Lizard King's Lair: Come on, baby, light your fire, in Room 32 at the Alta Cienega Motel, better known as a $10-a-night dive back in the late 1960s when Jim Morrison became the seedy hotel's most famous resident.

These days, the Alta Cienega is a $60-a-night dive, but you'll have to pay an extra $10 for the "Jim Morrison Room," as it's proclaimed on a door plate in honor of the self-described Lizard King.

At the time the Doors legend moved in, a DWI charge had left him without a driver's license. The West Hollywood motel had the advantage of being near the band's office, not to mention the singer's hangout, Barney's Beanery, and his favorite strip clubs.

To prove they've spent the night on Morrison's personal version of "Love Street," fans typically ask the front desk to photocopy the room key. Graffiti on the walls claims that "Jim Morrison is alive and well in South Africa."

2. Gable and Lombard's Hot and Sweaty Honeymoon Digs: On their wedding night in 1939, Clark Gable and Carole Lombard got their kicks in a hotel on Route 66 — and you can, too, for only $55, if you can bear a night in the scorching heat of Arizona's Mojave Desert with no air conditioning.

Perhaps you'd expect more from Hollywood's most famous couple than a wedding night in Room 15 of the Oatman Hotel, where you'll still find the same white iron bed where Gable and Lombard awoke for the first time as man and wife.

Burros still wander the streets of Oatman, once a gold mining town, with less than 150 residents. It hasn't changed much since that March night when the screen legends decided Oatman was their best shot at any degree of privacy.

Lombard, who died three years later in a plane crash, never returned to Oatman. Gable visited several times to play poker with the miners.

Nowadays, the Gable and Lombard Room is the Oatman Hotel's most expensive accommodation. Still, hopeless romantics brave the desert heat to make whoopee where one of the most famous Hollywood marriages was consummated.

For an extra $2, you can get a souvenir copy of the movie stars' marriage license, and all the guests get a bag of animal feed to indulge the town's local, four-legged celebrities.

3. A Budget Hotel Fit for the King: Hardly a match for Graceland, the Best Western in Clinton, Okla., had one big appeal for Elvis Presley — it marked the halfway point between Memphis and Las Vegas, the most important cities on Earth.

Under an alias, Elvis stayed in Room 215 four times during the late 1960s, until a housekeeper let out the secret, fans mobbed the hotel, and the rock star had to run for it.