Patently Weird Patents

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All-Terrain Stroller (U.S. Patent No. 2,422,254) You're a mom on the go. How do you deal with pushy crowds, broken sidewalks and danger at every corner? Just put junior in a kiddie-sized tank, complete with treds that promise to climb the most rugged terrain. For a country that turns to SUVs to command the road, this is a natural.

Human-Shaped Decorative Veggies (U.S. Patent No. 4,827,666) Iron Chef never thought of this: Zucchini shaped like a human head. This invention allows ordinary vegetables to grow into all sorts of decorative shapes — including a human head. Not too many years ago, folks in a small town thought it was a miracle when they found a breakfast Danish bearing an uncanny resemblance to Mother Teresa. Imagine what would happen if you could grow a David Hasselhoff gourd head in your own back yard.

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